Mike Larsen, in his own words...

A student of history, I research the past events of the subjects I paint and sculpt. As an ongoing student of art, I am influenced by the beauty of the world around me. The more I create the more I have to conclude that learning is a lifelong pursuit – especially in art.

Since moving from Oklahoma City to Payne County 17 years ago, I’ve been surrounded by landscapes and skyscapes that have become prominent in my paintings. I’m also moved by the beauty of the roses my wife Martha and I grow. During the growing months, roses have become a favorite subject to paint.

I like to think of my sculpture as three-dimensional painting. I leave the marks left by my fingers in the clay as I do the brushstrokes I leave on my paintings. That shows most effectively the emotion of the painting or sculpture.

I have been a professional artist for nearly 50 years. In the past 27 years I have been commissioned to work on six mural projects, with a total of 26 separate canvases, and five monumental-sized bronzes. In addition, I have been commissioned to create individual paintings and groups of paintings for Companies and Governments. I am known for my very large paintings, and also for one very tiny one - the U.S. postage stamp commemorating the Oklahoma Centennial in 2007.


Contact email: info@larsenstudio.com


Welcome to Mike Larsen Studio and Gallery.

Mike is a classically trained artist who paints and sculpts contemporary and historical figures. In addition he paints the beauty of the world we live in, the roses from our gardens and the sky scapes we see from our front porch.

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Symbols 36x24 $9,400

Tracing our heritage, we have learned the Chickasaw people had a strong presence along the Mississippi. This was so long ago, yet we can feel them even now through the symbols they left behind like the red stone ax and the engraved shell around the warrior’s neck. These things were a link with deities and guardian spirits. The handprint on the shield, making the wing of the great red tail hawk is mine, my personal connection with an incredible past. The painting is unframed on museum wrapped canvas.